Catalog:   Agriculture / Skid Steer 20.00"

Active and obsolete Accuride, Budd and Hayes Motor Wheel distributed or manufactured to OEM specifications.  Wheels Now also provides steel Tube type and Tubeless wheels, rims and parts in Single, Dual and Duplex wheel configurations made to OEM specs or custom tailored to your exact needs.

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20.00 X 7.00
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Images
W20.00 X 7.00 - Bare RimAgriculture / Skid SteerSteel
20.00 X 8.00
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Images
20.00 X 8.00 - Bare Rim Agriculture / Skid SteerSteel
20.00 X 11.00
Part NumberApplication ?Material ?Images
W20.00 X 11.00 - Bare RimAgriculture / Skid SteerSteel
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