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Help us help You.  We are lucky to have clients around the country, but unfortunately we cannot be there with you to gather all the information needed to find the correct wheel or the correct part.  We need to rely on you to gather and share what you are looking for so we can best assist you.

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Wheels Now has one of the industry’s most extensive wheel databases in the US.  Our database spans 10 decades and contains over 50,000 items.  We have lots of information and add to our database daily.  Newest vehicles, makes and models may not be included (yet).

These tips will help us get you the wheel you need.

  • Tire Size
  • Rim Size
  • Number Of Bolt Holes
  • Bolt Circle
  • Pilot Hole (Center Bore) Diameter
  • Dual vs. Single Wheel
  • Hub vs. Stud Piloted
  • Tubeless vs. Tube Type Wheel
  • Wheel Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Year

Please download our How To Measure A Wheel for more information on measuring wheels.

Converting a Wheel?

Converting to a Bigger Wheel?  Changing Wheel Offsets? Converting from Dual Wheels to a Single Wheel?  Converting from Tube-type Wheels to Tubeless Wheels?  Got Widow Maker wheels?

When converting wheels follow these tips.

  1. Start by gathering and sharing ALL wheel specification on the Original Wheel (the same information listed above).  If we know what originally works we can craft a viable solution.  Download and Complete a How to Measure a Wheel Form with original wheel specifications.
  2. Get Hub and Clearance measurements.
  3. Share desired Tire Size and desired modifications with a Sales staff member.

I Need A Custom Made Wheel?

Wheels Now staff will work with you to create a customized wheel solution for you.   We stock a variety of rims, bases, and disc centers to help create a customized wheel for you.  If you can dream it up – then there’s a good chance we can make it.   From specialized bolt patterns, to unique disc offsets to paint colors we can build wheels to your exact specifications.   We can work from your print or create prototypes for testing and production.  Please contact a Wheels Now Sales Representative discuss your Customized Wheels.   Oh, one more thing, we don’t do customized wheels or rims for your car.

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Wheels Now stock a wide range of wheel parts and components from various suppliers.  Wheels Now! Stocks one of the nation’s largest inventories of wheels parts and components available for IMMEDIATE SHIPPING.  Not ALL parts and components are interchangeable between suppliers.   Mismatching parts between and among manufacturers can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.  Its important that you learn About Multi-Piece Wheels.

When searching for or replacing lock rings, side flanges, bead seats, spacer bands and driver keys we need to following information:

  • Tire Size
  • Base Size
  • Vehicle Type / Application - Highway, Off-Road, Industrial, Fork-lift, and Other.
  • Assembly Pieces - 2, 3, 4, or 5 piece.  See Multi-Piece Wheels for definitions.
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturing Part Number or Stampings – Where to Find Multi-Piece Part Numbers or Stamps

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